TELIO is a BPO services company. It gives its customers opportunity to provide IT foreclosures, encodings, data enhancements and filing.

The use of resources located in countries with favorable wage systems, allows it to offer extremely competitive prices.

The selection of encoding providers is done on strict criteria. They must combine both proven professional skills, a concern for acute quality and compliance with employment laws of the country where they are active.

TELIO differs from its competitors by offering a unique combination of encoding service and the supply of software enabling customers to effectively outsource their tasks from a distance.

How does Telio deal with a mission ?

An experienced consultant will make a thorough analysis of your needs and determine with you the optimal option for outsourcing your data entry process.

He will establish the necessary training for the relocated teams as well as for your internal staff.

Finally, He will establish effective measures that will keep track of progress the performance and quality of individuals placed at your disposal, in real time.

Encoding services

The encoding service can greatly vary like:

  • Encoding invoices in an expert system
  • Database enrichement from scanned documents
  • Internet research to adapt or complement the process of developing profiles
  • Written information transcription process in the system
  • Perform any repetitive encoding or enrichement task.....

As you will have understood, the offering is tremendous.

The objective is to adapt our work tools, methods and procedures according to the client needs.

Since efficiency is a prime concern, we continuously improve the performance of the speed and quality of data input.

Want to know more about our services?

Please write us an email. We will be more than happy to talk with you.