Case Studies

Newsletter management tool
Automated Content, Dynamic Distribution Lists, Web Services, Business Objects Integration


BeTV is a commercial television network in Belgium. They needed a tool for composing and sending newsletters to very large subscriber lists. Existing newsletter components quickly proved impractical because of specific constraints that exist in BeTV’s environment:

  • The distribution lists are not static, but dynamic, based on ad-hoc criteria which can vary from one campaign to another, and from one time to another.
  • The newsletter content is highly graphical and interactive, and a substantial part of it is located “on-line” (i.e. embedded images, CSS, ...), yet must be viewable in a large number of mail clients.
  • Some campaigns are periodic, and based on automated content whereas others are one-time and based on specific content.


Telio’s solution consists of a custom-built newsletter management application,based around dynamic distribution lists, campaigns, and schedules, as well as a newsletter mailing agent, which sends out all mail, manages on-line resources (embedded images, ...) and tracks bounced mail. The principal features of the solution are:

  • Definition of distribution lists based on SQL queries in custom data sources.
  • Definition of once-only or recurring campaigns, based upon either static content (supplied in a ZIP file), or on generated content from a web service, e.g. TV programming schedules.
  • Automatic generation and publication of all on-line resources (embedded images, CSS), and management of URLs in newsletter content.
  • Automatic generation of on-line version of the complete newsletter, accessible via a link in the mailed version of the newsletter.


  • Robust asynchronous mailing agent, including sophisticated bounce management.
  • Extreme flexibility of distribution lists, by using arbitrary SQL into arbitrary data sources.
  • Automated management of on-line and in-mail resources and URLs between them.
  • Detailed tracking of each email delivery. Tracking statistics are fully integrated into BeTV’s existing Business Objects-based analysis engine.