Case Studies

Invoice Workflow Management
PDF Generation, Task Lists, Work Queues, Search Engine


Analis is a Europe-wide supplier of pharmaceutical equipment. They were in need of an automated invoice tracking and approval system to replace the time-consuming and error-prone manual workflow processing of incoming invoices.

Important considerations were:

  • The existing manual procedure must be exactly duplicated in the automated workflow system.
  • There is no standard layout for incoming invoices, yet manual tagging of incoming invoices must be kept minimal.
  • Security and access control must guarantee correctness of approvals.
  • Search, retrieval and tracking of invoices in every stage of the workflow must be possible by authorized users.


Telio’s solution consists of a J2EE web application, which uses PDF as the central document format for invoices. The main features of the application are:

  • Scan of every incoming invoice and automatic attribution of sequence number, and all relevant meta-data (scan date, department, supplier code etc...).
  • Users have access to personalized Task lists and Work queues which are kept up to date based on the user’s authorization profile and the workflow engine.
  • Automated generation of document previews, so that users can always see the source document easily in various formats when working with their task list.
  • A powerful full-text, multi-criteria search engine allows users to quickly locate every document in the system to which they have access, and track its progress through the approval process.


  • Single storage location of paper documents: no more need to send physical document throughout the organization.
  • Automated and transparent tracking of all approvals, rejections, authorizations, comments made during the invoice approval process.
  • Enforcement of security policy through authentication and access control.
  • Search capability over archive of all past invoices and their approval process.